The following is a beginning collection of resources that support our thesis that we humans are wealthy, wise, competent, and connected (WWCC), and that we are rapidly coming together to create universal sustainable abundance for all societies while simultaneously restoring the Earth's ecology and critical life support systems. The initial statement of this thesis is at

Positive Trends: Consciousness is Shifting Rapidly

Various "new age" entities such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the FBI, the World Bank, and Harvard professors have been publishing astounding statistics and analysis that appear to indicate that we humans are rapidly becoming smarter and more conscious:

25% Drop in Traffic Deaths in Five Years Article

US Violent crime drops 70% since 1993, with 12% plunge in 2010 Article

Life Improved Radically for the Global Poor in the Past Decade Article

Statistics Show Global Violence In Steady Decline Article

Powerful Women Presidents in Brazil and Argentina Article


Our New Abilities to Converse & Start Global Movements

FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, TEDx—We can have global conversations that were never before possible. We can now create global agreements among billions of people that were never before possible.

TEDx: An amazing TED talk, by Chris Anderson, the director of TED and the hero who has built TED into the amazing force for good that it has become over the past decade. He talks about the effects of globally accessible online video, how it will have a greater effect on humanity than the printing press, how TED has initiated the TEDx phenomena (over a thousand conferences worldwide in 2011, bringing forth "ideas worth spreading") and how globally accessible video is driving "crowd accelerated innovation."

Clay Shirky's new book COGNITIVE SURPLUS:Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age, tells us that plugged-in humanity has one trillion hours of cognitive surplus a year, and that we only spent ten billion of those hours over ten years in building Wikipedia. Think what we could do. He sums it up nicely at TED:

Game designer Dr. Jane McGonigal ( in this striking TED talk describes how video gamers can direct billions of hours of skilled and focused cognitive surplus towards building the world we want:

Seth Godin's amazing talk on leading a movement. For me, it was intense revelation regarding what it is we are doing, which is stepping forward as leaders to radically change the world for the better by starting a movement that spreads exponentially to flip the global paradigm of humanity from fear and scarcity to love and abundance. Of course, I already knew that, and it was constantly in the back of my mind, but I had never succinctly put it into words . Hearing it boldly spoken was the revelation. Also part of the revelation was that I had not fully grokked the leader part of the equation. Also, many people think that Seth, who became a marketing legend in Silicon Valley twenty years ago, is the world's most savvy marketer. This talk is a masterpiece of presentation at many levels--you could pretty much write a book on all the techniques he is using to tickle your sense of the absurd, expand your mind, and inspire you to DO IT. Wow:

The definitive TED on starting a movement in 3 minutes, a perfect followup to Godin's talk. Hilarious!

David Gershon's inspiring one minute summing up of pushing the envelope on social change:

David Gershon is the author of Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World:


Our gigantic wealth and capability, compared to how little it would take to save us

Lester Brown, World Hero

The latest release of Lester Brown's Plan B book series is much more condensed, and has adopted a new name: World On The Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse—after Plan B, then Plan B 2.0, 3.0, & 4.0, it was time for a name shift. The book details exactly how we can save the world and restore our planetary ecology, and how much it will cost. The current price tag for all the programs Lester describes is just under $200 billion per year. This is about 1/3 of 1% of our global GDP, about 1/20 of one day's global FOREX (foreign currency exchange) trading. You get a sense of how incomprehensibly enormous our real wealth is, if 1/20 of one day's FOREX trading is enough to solve our most dangerous and agonizing problems and prevent environmental and economic collapse that would result in the dealths of billions of people.

World On The Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse can be purchased or downloaded free at

Also, check out Lester's bio at:

The King of Collapse, the Duke of Doom, Professor Richard Heinberg, in his latest book, The End of Growth, states that “Our Problems are Resolvable In Principle” in the section quoted below. He cites Lester Brown's detailed plans for ending poverty and restoring the Earth, and says "There it is, folks: that's all you need to know. Just go out and do it." (he doesn't think we will, but he admits that we could if we decided to):

France Moore Lappe says:

"From "Diet for a Small Planet" exactly 40 years ago, it dawned on me that humans are actively creating the scarcity we say we are trying to escape. Whoa! Why would our bright species do such a thing? Researching my new book, " EcoMind, Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want " (Nation Books), I discovered that it is the power of ideas." The following article by Frances describes:

10 Myths That Keep Us From Creating The World We Want    Article

Hans Rosling ( in 4 minutes, in astounding live floating graphics, shows 200 countries in 200 years going from poor & sick to much richer & much healthier, and asserts that this is our continuing direction:

MIT Economics Professor Otto Scharmer's profound 21 page paper, "Seven Acupuncture Points for Shifting Capitalism to Create a Regenerative Ecosystem Economy" He says, "We need enabling infrastructures that facilitate the evolution of a new coordination mechanism that revolves around creating collective action that arises from shared attention and common will."

How we rapidly create a global agreement to use our already-generated wealth and capability to enable worldwide sustainable prosperity

Tell your family and friends the good news that we already have all we need to enable sustainable prosperity for everybody:

Call together circles of your family, friends, and neighbors who listen to you when you tell them the good news that we've won and it's time to thrive. The first objective of each circle is to learn and personally inhabit the information that we already have created all we need, and to support each other in loving cooperation and prosperity. The second objective is to effectively spread the good news to others, who will form circles of their own, with circles continuing to spread until all of us know.

These circles can be the beginning cells of emerging decentralized global democracy. The following paper from Gary Hart describes how, late in his life, Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams that they had failed on one pointthey should have told Americans that if they didn't meet together in small local neighborhood assemblies (elementary republics) to assert power and leadership locally, that they wouldn't be able to hold a real democracy on the national level:

Jefferson, Adams, and the Republic Article